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The trend of multifunctional automatic bag making machine

With the development of economy and technology, the backward traditional production mode and productivity can not meet the growing demand of the market. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of manufacturers in the plastic bag industry, but also to meet the needs of the market and the changes of the times, as well as out of the cost and profit control, designed by the automatic hot bag machine production to replace the traditional manual production, reduce manual operation, save labor costs. One side heat sealing hot cutting bag making machine Compared with manual production, the machine only needs to design a good program and place the relevant raw materials, and the machine will produce a continuous stream of products, which greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces the labor cost. Take the multi-function hot bag making machine as an example. The bags are made with self-adhesive, which can be sealed directly after the products are put in. It does not need to be sealed by the sealing machine. Because of this unique advantage, it is very popular in the domestic market. Coupled with good transparency, it can also be used for packaging gifts. Because of this characteristic, the demand in various industries, especially in the clothing industry, food industry and small commodity wholesale market is huge. According to incomplete statistics, in the summer of Guangdong, the demand of a small-scale clothing factory has reached millions, which shows that the market demand is strong. In addition, the transparency of the bag is good, enterprises can print patterns to promote their own brand. Therefore, the multi-function automatic bag making machine will become the mainstream trend of bag making machine.
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The bag making process has several main functions

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The bag making process of bag making machine usually has several main functions, including material feeding, sealing, cutting and bag stacking. In the feeding part, the flexible packaging film fed by the roller is uncoiled by a feeding roller. The feed roller is used to move the film in the machine to perform the required operation. Feeding is usually intermittent operation, such as sealing, cutting and other operations are carried out during the feeding stop. The dancing roller is used to maintain a constant tension on the film reel. In order to maintain tension and critical feeding accuracy, feeders and dancing rollers are necessary. Automatic high speed bag making machine In the sealing section, the temperature controlled sealing element is moved to contact the film for a specific length of time in order to properly seal the material. The sealing temperature and duration vary with the type of material and need to be constant at different machine speeds. The sealing element configuration and the machine format associated with it depend on the type of seal specified by the bag design. In most machine operation mode, the sealing process is accompanied by the cutting process, and these two operations are carried out when the feeding is completed. In cutting and bag stacking operations, operations such as sealing are usually performed during the non feeding cycle of the machine. Similar to the sealing process, cutting and bag stacking also determine the best machine form. In addition to these basic functions, the execution of additional operations such as zipper, perforated bag, handbag, tamper proof seal, bag mouth, hat crown treatment may depend on the design of the packaging bag. Accessories attached to the base machine are responsible for such additional operations.
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